How to negotiate your salary at work and not lose your job?

One of the ways to earn more money is to ask your boss to give you more money. Certainly, it sounds so obvious and simple but it is really difficult to imagine how one can do it and not make the boss feel upset. That is why of course, one should be quite careful while asking for more money at work.

Negotiate for a better salary at the right moment

Even though you might need more money right now and even feel your current salary is some sort of a mistake as it is absolutely unfair, you should not rush to talk to your boss about it. It is crucial to choose an appropriate moment for it.

First of all, the company should have financial resources for increasing salaries of its employees. This means it has a stable income and budget or may be it has received financial support from other organisations or institutions. Certainly, it is crucial for you to pick the moment when there have not been any obvious failures from your side as they can overwrite any achievements when your boss will be analysing them.

Do not forget about choosing the moment for such a conversation which will be convenient for your employer in the first place. He or she should not be right in the middle of a chaos when it will be difficult to focus on you while multiple tasking can make the person annoyed even before speaking with you. Of course, the boss should have a good mood when you are planning to start your negotiations. Even though his or her bad temper might not be related to you at all, this is very risky and will not give you any positive results in all likelihood.

Ask for a particular amount of money

A very good practice will be choosing a particular amount of money and asking your boss for it while negotiating the increase of your salary. Actually, this is a crucial factor for making your boss more willing to give you more money. According to the statistics, a way more negotiations are successful when an employee is asking for a precise amount of money rather than for some vague sum.

In order to understand how much you can ask for, it is necessary to check the current salaries offered for the same job by other companies. Of course, you should also take into consideration all of the extra tasks you have as well as all of your achievements.

There are situations in which an employee has more responsibilities than he or she is supposed to have and this person might also have the tasks which are supposed to be done by the employees of other positions. Still, even if it is your case, you should not count on a particularly large addition to your salary. In all likelihood, your employer will not pay you for two people. Usually, in such situation, the increase of a salary is around 20-30%. Of course, this also means you yourself should not ask for an extra sum which equals to your current salary.

Get prepared to a negative reaction

No matter how good your arguments are, your employer does not have to give you more money. You certainly should be prepared to such a situation. For that reason it is better not to behave impolite, threat or blackmail your boss while asking for extra money. If you have not done it, in all likelihood, you will be able to come back to your work. Yet, if you find there are no perspectives for making your work more rewarding in the current place, you might seriously think about changing your job.