Taking care of your laptop: hygiene and health

It is extremely important to take proper care of your laptop if you would like it to keep on working for as long as possible. Certainly, it should be kept physically clean and you also need to ensure it is not exposed to any harmful factors. This article will tell you more about a proper routine for handling a laptop.

How can you keep your laptop clean?

Let’s look at the hygiene for laptops. They may not be human, but taking care of the hygiene keeps them healthy as well. Most of the portable computers are prone to rough use and abused more than a desktop.

Portables are incredibly extrovert. They travel around the world with you, to the airport, to that cafe, restaurant and so on. Whether or not your ex stayed with you, your laptop did. Yet, due to this, laptop’s life span typically gets shortened faster than desktop unless you take care of them. One of the most vital step you can take is to clean them regularly. Get yourself some right screen cleaner to remove finger prints, dust or any kind of stain off the LCD panel. Make sure you do not get yourself a glass cleaner and start using it, unless you want to destroy the display.

You might want to keep your laptop and portables away from threats caused by environments where the air quality alone can significantly impact your machine. Try cleaning your laptop with compressed air. Compressed air are best for blowing out dust and other crumbs from the keyboard as well as keeping all the ports, slots, sockets clear and dust free. Never ever make mistake of using water to clean your keyboard. A little moisture can ruin a portable component which you may not realize immediately until you do.

Heat factors

All of the portables out there are made up of electronic computers which basically are crammed into tiny space to make your portable, a portable. Naturally, for this, your laptop do not have enough space to breath as its sibling desktop computers. This is not enough for its fan to cool everything down. Even though, despite of these space issue, all portables are quite stubborn to push those heat out, excessive heat can render your machine having system lockups, hardware failures etc.

Keep the following steps in mind or use this article for the future reference and keep the devil heat away.

Configure the power management even if you are working with the laptop plugged into the AC outlet. This point is crucial if you are working in a warm room, for instance above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Try to keep some space for air between the thing your portable rests on and the portable itself. There are some misconception out there, where people think putting a laptop on soft pillow absorbs the heat. This is not true rather dangerous. This idea creates heat retention, which is incredibly hazardous for your laptop. Make sure to use it on a rigid and flat surface.

Other things to keep in mind

Sometimes keyboard protectors are good if you are working in such environment but it is never a good idea to work on your laptop for prolonged hours with the keyboard protector on.

Keep an ear on the fan, if you have one. In case you hear the fan accelerating like crazy, immediately investigate the power management settings, environment and all the programs running and change whatever seems like causing the excessive heat.

Also, beware if a running fan suddenly goes silent. This is generally an intimation of fan failure, which can significantly raise the heat leading to overheating and eventually trouble that you do not want to go through.