Can you hand over your bankcard to a third party?

You have certainly been in many situations in which either you have given your bank card to another person or another person has shared one’s bank card with you. It seems to be so normal especially when you are sharing this payment tool with your close family.

Yet, according to the regulations of many banks, such a simple act is regarded as illegal. This article will provide you with more information on the topic.

Is handing over your bankcard illegal?

Even though it might seem to you illogical that you cannot share your bankcard with your spouse or children, it is indeed the truth. Generally, banks regard bankcards as an individual payment tool which means only you can use it.

You might feel it is weird because since you can give your money to someone else, you should be allowed to hand your bankcard over to this person as well, yet, this is not functioning in such a way. Actually, it is even regarded by banks as disobeying their regulations.

In reality it usually does not bring any implications for you. Of course, there might be situations in which a person would be willing to prove he or she did not spend the money that were stored on their bankcard and even though they decided to share their bankcard with someone else, it was not their ide to spend their money in a certain way. Still, even in such a case there is no sense to reach your bank out and ask it to help you return the money. You will here it was your responsibility to take care of your bankcard.

Even though it does not seem to be as a serious problem, the situation can actually develop in such a way.

For example, you can ask your kid to get something form the shop and hand your bank card over. Let’s assume your child loses your bankcard and it is found by some criminals who are going to use it for illegal actions. Not only will you lose your money, but they will also be lost on some criminal activity.

If you do not notice the loss early enough to call the bank and ask it to block your card, it might be too late. The worst part of such a scenario is that you as a card owner will be responsible for any criminal activity in which your card will be involved.

Taking such a possibility into consideration, you certainly do not want to risk thus much. It is better to give your kid some cash if you want him or her to help you.

Can you borrow a bankcard from another person?

Let’s think about another possible scenario in which you are borrowing a bankcard from another person.

Well, as you now know, you are certainly not allowed to do it officially. Yet, we know many cases when we actually do something like that. Since this is regarded as an illegal act, you should certainly know about its implications.

The least serious situation will happen if a shop-assistant pay attention to the data on the card. If the person notices any discrepancies between you and the data on the card, he or she has a right to refuse from allowing you to buy anything with such a card.

In fact, this is the least problem that can happen in such a situation. Unfortunately, this person also has a right to contact the police and then, you will have to explain to them why you have this particular card.


Undeniably, taking into consideration all of this information, it is obvious you should avoid handing your bankcard over to other people ore borrowing their cards. Yet, if there is a situation in which you indeed should do it, for example, borrow the card belonging to an older person who has trouble with digital payments, you should take care of keeping all of the receipts and certainly spend the money according to the exact list of this person.