Advantages of using cash for payment

It is impossible to imagine modern life without bankcards. Actually, even if you do not like using this payment instruments, in all likelihood, you will still not be able to resign from them as sometimes you will hardly be able to make a money transaction with cash.

Still, there are many reasons which might make using cash more effective.

You can really pay everywhere

It seems like any possible place in the modern world is equipped into payment facilities for bankcards. Unfortunately, this is only an illusion and there are still many places where you cannot buy anything without your cash.

There are also many cases when the payment terminals are temporarily not working or, for some unknown reason, they cannot process payments coming from your bank. In such case, you are risking to spend a huge amount of money shopping in your favourite supermarket and leave it without getting anything of the products you have chosen if there is absolutely no cash.

By the way, some bank accounts also have certain limits for daily or monthly purchases. They can be extended, however, you have to do it personally and if you are not aware of their existence, you are risking to get into a situation when you simply cannot use your bankcard.

Your do not have to rely on the Internet

As it has already been mentioned, there are certain situations in which card terminals fail to work. One of the most popular scenarios is the one when there are any problems with the internet connection. Such cases can be rather unpleasant and unpredictable.

You can imagine standing at the cashier point trying to pay for your groceries when there are more and more people gathering behind you getting extremely nervous with prolonged expectation. Another unpleasant situation is failing to pay for a bus ticket and having to leave the transport when you are either in a hurry or the weather is rather bad outside. Needless to say, none of these situations is desirable.

Bank cannot block your cash

Needless to say, your cash is your cash and no bank has anything to do with it. Yet, all of the transactions carried out with the help of your bankcard are registered. This can have different outcomes for the card users.

For instance, a bank might find your payment activity suspicious. This happens when out of a sudden, you decide to buy something rather expensive or get into a shopping spree of making a series of small purchases within a short period of time. Your bank might find it strange and simply block your card just in case if this is not you using it.

At the same time, bank can also find some payment behaviour suspicious when it comes to how legal it is. For example, if your are making payments that are supposed to be carried out between legal entities rather than individuals, for example, payments for work, they can inform a tax institution about such a behaviour. Even if you are not doing anything illegal, you will have to spend your time on trying to prove it to the tax institution which is certainly nothing pleasant.

Your cash is safe from the mistakes of court executive officers

If you have never been a subject of the actions of court executives whose task is to collect money a person has to pay as a fine or compensation for various illegal actions as well as for the sake of returning borrowed money, you are certainly lucky. Still, even if you have not done anything mentioned in the previous sentence, you can always become a victim of a mistake of court executive officers. Unfortunately, such mistakes are not at all rare and sometimes they can be pretty massive meaning the specialists might take a quite large amount of money from your bankcard.

In addition to it, if you indeed have to pay some money for some of the actions, you certainly do not want to pay more than you actually owe. Making you pay more than you really have to is another common mistake of court executive officers. Needless to say, keeping your money in cash will protect you form such unpleasant situations.

Unfortunately, sometime sit is rather difficult to prove the court has indeed made a mistake and it can take a rather long time to return your money.

It will be easier for you to leave tips

Whenever you wish to leave some tips in a restaurant, you will not have to worry about not being able to do it as you are carrying only your bankcard with you.