Do not carry these things in your wallet

A wallet seems to be a perfect place to keep all of your valuable things besides money itself. On the one hand, it indeed makes it easier to keep an eye on all of your things kept in the same place rather than trying to find each of them stored separately.  On the other hand, in the case if your wallet is lots or someone has stolen it, you are risking to lose all of your significant possessions.

Definitely, some obvious balance for it will be avoiding carrying all of your important things with you in the first place if there is no such necessity. Yet, some of the things described in this article might be useful while you are outside as well, however, you should not keep them in your wallet anyway.

Pin passwords for your bankcards

No matter how obvious it seems, there are still so many people making this mistake. Some people are going even further, writing the pin directly on the cards themselves. This is a rather dangerous practice. Undoubtedly, if the card is lost with your wallet, anyone can easily guess the number you were holding inside is the pin to one of the bankcards in your wallet.

Passwords to important websites

Certainly, the same goes for any passwords. Actually, it is advised not to write down any important passwords in the first place. If you have to do it anyway, make sure, you do not put that piece of paper into your wallet.

In fact, this is true for a variety of websites. It does not have to be necessarily your online banking system. It can be even some ordinary email address where you do not have any sensitive information. yet, with the help of such an email address scammers can reach your acquaintances and try to borrow some money from them in your name.

All of your bankcards

Even though it might appear convenient to carry all of your bankcards in your wallet, this is actually not a good practice as you can easily get into a situation in which you have access to none of your cards at all.

If you have a single card in your wallet and the wallet is lost or stolen, you will have to block only this card. Then, you will be able to transfer a part of your money to other accounts connected to other bankcards and still have access to your money. If you lose all of them, you will have to block everything you have and get all of them changed into new cards. This can take quite a lot of time and effort.

All of your gift cards

If there was a holiday and you have received a couple of gift cards, you might be willing to get all of them with you in your wallet as you never know when you will be near that certain shop where they are accepted. This sounds sensible, however, just like it is with carrying all of your bankcards, you never know when they are lost. With it, you will lose all of your cards and unlike in the case of bankcards, all of the gifted money will be lost as well.

All of your savings

Needless to say, carrying all of your savings around is a rather bad idea. It can be actually needed only under the condition if you are prone to impulsive shopping and you want to be ready to any urge to buy at any moment. Yet, this is also highly undesirable and you should avoid such behaviour for better budget management.


Usually, ordinary thieves are not interested in your documents and they will just throw away these valuable papers somewhere nearby the place where they have stolen your wallet. Still, even in such a case, you will have to reissue all of them which will take some time and effort.

Still, there is always a possibility that thieves are also scammers who can utilise your personal information. This unfortunately can turn out to be even worse for you as it can result in identity theft.


This might seem very strange to many people, however, there are two major reasons for not carrying receipts. Both of them are related to the technology of their production.

Receipts are printed on a special type of paper which is not even biodegradable. This paper cannot be used for recycling either. The paint used for printing on such paper has a rather dangerous chemical substance known as bisphenol A and it is known for its carcinogenic and mutagenic properties. Actually, a great number of tableware and food packaging included this chemical in the past and it was successfully banned later on. Still, this ingredient is still used in paint and the less contact you have with it, the better it is for you.

Furthermore, as you have already noticed this strange paint also tends to fade away quickly. This is particularly true when a receipt is stored in a wallet where there is a lot of friction. Thus, if you want to keep any proof of having purchased certain goods for the future, it is better not to do in your wallet.